Made With A Revolutionary New Material

SPONPRENE offers greater breathability and flexibility than neoprene.


It provides greater comfort, it is lightweight, non-sweltering, has sweat absorbancy, and protection.


SPONPRENE is made from non-toxic chemicals and can decompose naturally, leaving neoprene far behind.  It is fully approvedd by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.  It is not only economically viable and environmentally sound, but it is a socially responsible approach to business.

The Flexible Solution to Plantar Fasciitis


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FasciaCureTM is not available in stores - it can be purchased from any participating Foot Care Professional.


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Design Features

The FasciaCure Stretch System is made with a revolutionary new material, SPONPRENE.

It is made from non-toxic chemicals and not only is it environmentall sound, but it is a socially responsible approach tto business.

For Professionals

While the FasciaCure Stretch System provides a curative plantar fascia stretch, the determination of whether it is appropriate for your specific patient is a professional decision.


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About Us

FasciaCureTM is a company devoted to the FasciaCureTM Stretch System.
We stand behind our products and if you have any questions you can contact us at:

FasciaCureTM Head Office  33 Front Street North  Orillia  ON L3V 4R6    1-855-738-1139

FasciaCureTM is a Division of 2523142 ONTARIO INC.

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