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FasciaCure Adopts New Science...

Our revolutionary new FasciaCure Stretch System adopts Dr. DiGiovanni's new science and is at the leading edge of healing plantar fasciitis pain.


“Conclusions:        A program of non-weight-bearing stretching exercises specific to the plantar fascia is superior to the standard program of weight-bearing Achilles tendon-stretching exercises for the treatment of symptoms of proximal plantar fasciitis. These findings provide an alternative option to the present standard of care in the nonoperative treatment of patients with chronic, disabling plantar heel pain.”

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FasciaCureTM is a company devoted to the FasciaCureTM Stretch System.
We stand behind our products and if you have any questions you can contact us at:

FasciaCureTM Head Office  33 Front Street North  Orillia  ON L3V 4R6    1-855-738-1139

FasciaCureTM is a Division of 2523142 ONTARIO INC.

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