The Flexible Solution to Plantar Fasciitis

The Science Behind The Design of Fasciacure

Traditionally, plantar fasciitis was thought to be caused by inflamation.  It was believed that the thick, fibrous tissue could become swollen where it connects to your heel, causing a stabbing pain.


Increased scientific research suggests plantar fasciitis is a degenerative, not inflammatory condition.  Successful new stretching techniques have been developed to relieve this painful degeneration.


In 2006, Dr. Benedict F. DiGiovanni, MD, at the University of Rochester Medical Centre published an important study showing that plantar-specific stretches dramatically improve patient outcomes.

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Our revolutionary new FasciaCure Stretch System adopts this new science and is at the leading edge of healing plantar fasciitis pain.


Why Does FasciaCure

Heal Plantar Fasciitis pain?

Many people suffer from the frustrating pain of plantar fasciits, and it's not always easy to find proper professional advice or effective pain relief.


Since it has been proven that doing proper stretches significantly improves the healing of plantar fasciitis, on it's surface, that sounds easy!  But how hard is it to get those stretches into your routine, or to even remember to do them at all.


FasciaCure automates proper stretching in a simple, yet very effective way with it's innovative FasciaCure Stretch System.

Where Can I Get it?

FasciaCureTM is not available in stores - it can be purchased from any participating Foot Care Professional.


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Design Features

The FasciaCure Stretch System is made with a revolutionary new material, SPONPRENE.

It is made from non-toxic chemicals and not only is it environmentall sound, but it is a socially responsible approach tto business.

For Professionals

While the FasciaCure Stretch System provides a curative plantar fascia stretch, the determination of whether it is appropriate for your specific patient is a professional decision.


To see if FasciaCureTM is right for YOUR patients, sign up for your FREE sample ...

Where Can I Get FasciaCure?

FasciaCure is not available in stores - it can be purchased from any participating Foot Care Professional.


Check Here to find one near you!

About Us

FasciaCureTM is a company devoted to the FasciaCureTM Stretch System.
We stand behind our products and if you have any questions you can contact us at:

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